We humans beings are social creatures and the need to connect with one another is a fundamental one. Not being able to do so due to differences in behaviour, norms or culture is regrettable and something that we humans can definitely resolve.  My vision is a world where we can establish connections based on our similarities, while embracing our differences, and share  relationships based on trust and compassion, no matter where we originate from, what languages we speak, or what culture we belong to.


Effective communication is one of the most powerful means to connect with people around us and it goes without saying that language is at the heart of it. In order to move with the times, however, it is imperative to raise this communication beyond the realms of just good language skills to better interpersonal skills and intercultural skills. And herein comes my passion to help people communicate confidently and clearly in English as a Lingua Franca in global business settings. 

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Meena Eswaran, Founder

Born in India, I grew up with a number of distinct local Indian languages besides English, and my passion to help people speak a language other than their native tongue stems from my ability to juggle these languages and appreciate the beauty in their differences.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in IT and enjoyed working in the IT industry for a while where I garnered experience working in the corporate world.  This has proved invaluable in my current career as a consultant and communications trainer for corporate clients. I lived in Switzerland for a couple of years before moving to Germany with my family in 1996. My experience learning and speaking German further rekindled my passion to teach English as a foreign language.

As a trained software engineer and a CELTA certified trainer with more than 10 years of experience in professional language and communication consulting for large and medium-sized companies in the Rhine-Main area, I am able to understand and respond to the rapidly changing market needs for Professional English and international communication while putting the current changes in organizations caused by digitalization into context. This has helped me identify the requirements of my clients more precisely and design course content accordingly. Moreover, my cultural and international background helps me convey intercultural aspects more effectively to my clients. A certification as an intercultural skills trainer through an institute considered to be pioneers in this field has further strengthened my credentials.

Last but not least, as a certified Language Coach accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), I am able to apply the concepts of Neuroscience to diagnose the learning styles of my clients in order to create unique, individualised roadmaps for their effective learning. 

My clients see me as a passionate trainer who quickly builds a trustful relationship, creating a relaxed environment to effectively support their professional development. I take pride in my ability to establish good rapport with my clients and my background has been very helpful in this regard.

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