Intercultural Skills

In the Business world, effective communication goes hand in hand with success since it is one of the key factors for fruitful collaboration with colleagues and clients.

So, is it just enough to be fluent and confident in the language of communication? In this day and age, when we interact with people from other cultures and across borders, being aware of the behaviour, values and practices of the people we interact with is also extremely important.

We offer various intercultural training workshops to suit our clients’ requirements. These workshops, typically run over 1 or 2 days, are designed as specialised programs to improve the intercultural competency of the participants.

These workshops can also be offered as courses for small groups or as one-to-one coaching sessions that can be conducted online or face-to-face. For more information on the available courses, please visit our courses page. 

An evaluation will take place prior to the workshops to help us customise the training program according to the needs of the participants.

An intermediate level of English (B1) is recommended for these workshops.

Let us find an appropriate training program for you and help you get ready for the post-global future.

Happy business colleagues celebrating successful business year

Avoid the common pitfalls and misunderstandings when interacting with people from other cultures and learn ways to find synergy effects in cultural diversity.

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Discover the cultural aspects that impact the way Indians  communicate and work and find ways to build successful business relationships.

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Understand the values and beliefs behind the way Germans work in order to build effective relationships with German counterparts.

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