Effective Learning

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Seven brain friendly hacks for effective learning and retention

Learning something new was ranked as one of the most important things that people started doing during the global lockdown in 2020, undoubtedly one of the most difficult years that the human race has had to endure so far. People took to learning, either to acquire a new skill or to upskill their already existing knowledge in order to cope with the new normal. Most of this learning has been digital which calls for a lot of motivation and self-discipline.

Come New Year 2021, learning was probably a part of their new year’s resolution for many. Even before the first month draws to a close, there are probably some who are already feeling frustrated that they are not able to keep up with their learning goals.

Why does this happen? Is there some way to overcome this hurdle of not being able to stick to your learning goals? How can we make our learning process more effective, retain information better, and start applying what we have learnt with the help of one of the greatest assets that we have – our brain?

Here are my top 7 tips for a brain friendly learning process and better retention of what you’ve learnt:


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